Color Change

As the market demand for plastic color varieties of the same structure is more and more diversified, mold manufacturers want their molds with the function of color change so that they can reduce the cost and improve efficiency, which has become a major trend in the mold industry. The cost will be greatly improved if the hot runner system does not have the function of color changing.

With the easier color changing, our color change technology is leading in the industry. Through the unique design standard, the reasonable flow direction, the gently flowing, no dead angle, the less pressure, the reasonable flowing time, our color change can be realized quickly and easily.

T-TIMER Controller provides with faster color change process

Material saving

Increases 50 percent color change efficiency


Sequence Timer

_Separated wide color screen touch panel / nixie tube, makes it possible to user friendly interface.

_Respectively control of maximum 8 gates at the same time.

_Three operating modes available for each gate (A / B /C mode).

_Unique and useful color change function, automatic and manual mode for individual gate control.

_Available in 24V DC and 220V AC.

_Control accuracy of TCT8 is 0.1s.

_Hydraulic controller is suitable for hydraulic or pneumatic solenoid valve.

tct8_16_01.jpg tct_8_16_02.jpg

Injection Solution