• SINGLE VALVE Ⅳ has a nozzle and a valve cylinder integrated in it. Compared to SINGLE VALVEⅢ,the cylinder size is 20% less. It enables the mold to become slimmer.


  • Enhanced thermal efficiency by burying the heater at the head body of the cylinder part and the insulation design of nozzle flange part.
  • Maximized thermal conduction of the tip by reducing the nonheating section, locating the heater nearer, and reducing the union contact.
  • Fit to high cycle by reducing the piston response velocity by reducing unnecessary movement.
  • Achieved structure stability and extended part service life by applying special seal (O-ring) that is fit to high temperature environment.
  • Provides the most natural flow by minimizing the contact between the resin and the valve pin.
  • Minimized pressure drop by having one or two resin flow channels depending on various product characteristics.
  • With a flow channel structure that reflects high pressure and high speed injection characteristics by reducing the stress caused by the flow resistance of resin.